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Capitalising on the next real estate cycle

We take an in-depth look at real estate through the lens of a manager who argues that the opportunity to generate outsized returns usually come at the beginning of a cycle when trends are less evident. We talk earnings stability, inflation, alpha generation as well as how Covid-19 has set in motion new patterns in real estate usage.

The art of differentiation

Why there are still opportunities for investors in emerging market debt, despite expectations of higher defaults and lower recovery rates....

A collaborative approach to impact investing

Two impact investors discuss how a holistic approach makes it possible to source more deals and evaluate opportunities in both equities and bonds.....it takes a village to raise a child......

Will COVID-19 prove a watershed for ESG?

COVID-19 has thrown new light on the interdependencies and vulnerabilities of a closely networked world. We spoke to Aviva Investors’ responsible investment specialists to ask whether this will prove a turning point for environmental, social and governance issues

AP1´s External Partnerships and Innovation

Helene Idenstedt was recently appointed to lead AP1´s newly formed group for external partnerships and innovation. In an interview with NordicInvestor she talks about the new organisation and strategy within AP1 as well as how the events in recent months have changed the way they work with external managers......

Icelandic Pensions Diversifying Overseas and into Alternatives

Nordic Investor interviewed Snædís Ögn Flosadóttir, Managing Director of EFÍA and LSBÍ pension funds and the operations manager of Lífeyrisauki supplementary pension fund, to find out how these Icelandic pension funds are broadening their horizons....

Danske Bank’s ESG Policies and Data Analytics

We interviewed Danske Bank’s Global Head of Sustainability and Impact Investing, Ulrika Hasselgren, to find out about the firm’s growing suite of internal and external ESG analytics.

PRI intends to grow private market allocations

Peter Ragnarsson head of alternative investments at the USD 3bn non-life mutual insurance company PRI Pensionsgaranti, says the intention is to increase private market investments as returns are difficult to find in traditional fixed income....

Emerging market debt: An ‘all-season’ asset class

Alejandro Arevalo, Fund Manager of Jupiter’s Emerging Market Debt strategy, explains why he believes emerging market debt should be viewed as an ‘all-season’ asset class, not just for when the global economic environment is strong...

Using AI to Pick AI Stocks

Using semantic & sentiment analysis on unstructured data, a multi factor quantitative model and the human review to identify companies positively exposed to the AI thematic....

Are We at Peak Cycle for Equities

US equities keep on making new highs, but Norges Bank is increasing its allocation. Whether equities appear expensive or cheap depends on the definition, and varies greatly by regions, factors and sectors....

Asian Real Estate: Yield Pickup and Diversification

Investors could not only get some yield pickup but could also obtain a significant diversification benefit by adding Asian property to their portfolios - some Dutch pension funds have been investing in the asset class for over 20 years...

ESG & Impact Investing focus: Microfinance

SEB´s Portfolio Manager of MicroFinance, Hetal Damani, on what differentiates their microfinance strategy – both from an investment perspective and in terms of ESG.

30 Years of Impact Investing

Jupiter´s Charlie Thomas reflects on legacy, long-term thinking, labels and how to navigate an ever growing investment universe...

Mobile Money

Two billion individuals and 200 million small businesses in emerging economies today lack access to formal savings and credit. No wonder then that Financial Inclusion is one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But opportunities does it bring to investors?

Valuation Bifurcation Persists

We sit down with Jupiter´s James Clunie to discuss value vs growth and why it´s time that the markets again will recognise fundamental value....

Timing Allocations to Emerging Market Credit

While Emerging Markets is an asset class that can have bouts of volatility, it is difficult for investors to ignore given its diversification benefits, attractive valuations and the fact that about 70% of global economic growth emanates from it...

Credit and ESG Investing

The application of ESG to credit investing is rapidly evolving, and is, thus far, most well-developed in relation to investment grade corporate credit....

Are Illiquid strategies Immune from the Price War?

It very clear that fees have, for many years, been falling on traditional, long only investments, and also on relatively liquid alternative investments. Yet the headline fees for illiquid investments, such as private equity and infrastructure, appear to be much stickier – just as the assets are....

2018 Year in Review

A brief summary of what Nordic institutions have pondered over in the year gone by....

The Green Bonds market

For the first five years, issuance of green bonds was measured in single digit billions, but has recently accelerated to USD 155 billion in 2017, and a forecast USD 250 billion in 2018....

Market Focus: Saudi Arabia

Beyond geopolitical risks, the country will be upgraded to emerging market status. We interview two fund managers who invest in Saudi Arabian equities and who are both based in the region...

What Investors Really Want….

Kirstein´s Jan Willers on what he sees as some of the major investment trends in the region, what local differences exist and what asset managers need to consider to be successful in the region.

Trade War Rhetoric and Reality

Could Asian credit prove to be resilient? Christina Bastin, offers a cold, hard and dispassionate perspective on the trade war, and its implications for investors...

Europe’s Migration Nations

Without immigration, Europe's population is set to decline by around 10% over the next three decades. Is Europe's situation sustainable?...

Alternative View: ABS Under the Microscope

What are ABS, how are they structured and what are the characteristics of the European ABS market? This analysis helps investors to better understand the asset class, its opportunities and risks....

What´s Your ESG Score?

Time for boards to wake up and realise that ESG is no longer just a topic that shows up once a year in the company’s Corporate Responsibility report...

Frontier Market Focus: Ukraine

If Russian stocks may be some of the cheapest in emerging markets, certain equities in neighbouring Ukraine may have some of the lowest valuations in the frontier market universe.

Keeping it real

Kåpan´s Mikael Falck on the pension giants search of real alternatives and the managers that can help him find them

Frontier Market Focus: Pakistan

With a very young population of over 200 million people, a middle class of 80 million and a brand new Prime Minister; Is Pakistan set to be the new Asian success story?

Find Your Niche

With growing pressures in the direct lending market, is the asset class still a viable alternative for investors seeking higher yields?

Infrastructure, inflation and other risks

The potential for infrastructure investments to protect against inflation is well understood, but there are many important caveats: valuation, revenue risks, weather, safety, and politics....

Frontier Market Focus: Argentina

Argentina’s equity market hit an all-time high in January 2018, and its currency marked a new all-time low of 27.7 per dollar as of June 21st 2018. Should investors cry for Argentina?

A New Regime in European Credit

As volatility rises and the beta rally draws to a close, how can investors seek to strike a balance between return maximisation and drawdown protection?

Time for contrarians to be rewarded?

The odds are massively stacked against short-sellers, from multiple angles. But irrational optimism and bubbles could meant that mid 2018 is an opportune juncture according to Jupiter´s head of alternatives...

Smart Beta for Bond and Credit markets

The growing menu of smart beta credit products will be useful for those who allocate externally – and indeed those who want to negotiate bespoke strategies. We touch on a handful of examples....

Frontier Market Focus: Kuwait

Argentina’s departure from the MSCI Frontier index, will leave Kuwait as the largest member of that index - but maybe not for long...

Frontier Markets Focus: Bangladesh

A microbrew beer made by Brooklyn’s Sixpoint Brewery is called Bengali Tiger. Craft brewing and Bangladesh are both impressive growth stories: a growth market and a “Tiger” economy.

Single-Factor Products Gather Most Assets

“Smart beta” assets have reached $658.4 billion at the end of 2017, up 32.3% year on year, per Morningstar. Much of this resides in products that are based on only one factor concept.

Resilience Anticipated Amid Rising Rates

With interest rates in the Eurozone, Denmark and Sweden having been negative for some years, investors are considering a switch from fixed rate assets to floating rate assets, which should see their coupons increase when and if rates rise.

Frontier Markets focus: Vietnam

For Asian equities in general, the first quarter of 2018 was pretty lacklustre. The long, thin country of Vietnam was head and shoulders above the rest. We look at the many drivers behind the country’s strong economic and stock-market performance.

Inflation Linked Bonds

Both short term interest rates, and yields on longer term government debt, are below inflation in most developed countries. Are inflation-linked government bonds a solution?

Alternative Risk Premia Strategies

A growing number of “alternative risk premia” (ARP) “style premia” and “alternative beta” funds are being launched (at least 35 and counting). How similar or different are ARP strategies? A deeper dive under the bonnet reveals marked differences

In search for ”the five Ps”

Andreas Weilby, COO of Spektrum, gives his views on the challenges currently facing institutional investors, how they source external managers to their portfolios, what he sees allocators are looking for in terms of strategies and how regulatory changes affect their business.

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