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Fixed Income

Asian Credit: the Boring Emerging Market for 2020?

We look at the key drivers in Asian credit and how careful selection means finding quality, liquidity and yield.....

The High Yield Position

Why a Long/Short approach to High Yield Credit makes sense in the current environment...

Direct Lending: Is Market Maturity Cutting Covenants?

In the first of a series, we take a look at the deterioration of covenants in the private credit markets. How much of a problem does it pose and what it means for investors.....

Making a Difference

Why ESG is Essential for Successful Investing in Emerging Markets Debt...

Aktia’s Multi-Manager Private Credit Strategies

Head of Alternatives, Ville Toivakainen, talks trade finance, aircraft leasing, impact investing and much more…

Structured Credit Yield Pickup Persists

Can CLO´s provide a positive yield oasis amid negative yields?

Short Duration Investment Grade Corporate Credit

An alternative to negative rates on bank deposits.....

European High Yield: Income of Around 3% Remains

Fundamental headwinds balanced out by renewed ECB QE....

Tailoring the Approach: Implementing ESG in Private Debt

Archie Beecher explains how a proactive approach helps identify ESG risk and exposure to it....

Can global high yield investors continue to profit from low risk of default?

High yield investors had a good start of the year; is there any need to sell already? Or should we continue to profit from this clear-cut and exploitable market anomaly?

Goldman Finally Capitulates, Sees Rate Cuts In July And September

The time of the bond vigilantes is back....have we reached a point where the bond markets now can force the Fed´s hand?

Jupiter Dynamic Bond Strategy: Defensive and Opportunistic

Head of Strategy Fixed Income, Ariel Bezalel, talks about recessionary risks and how it affects his asset allocation.....

How to optimise diversification to improve risk-adjusted returns

How expected returns can be enhanced without increasing risks - can cutting-edge visualisation tools and a first-principles approach secure the predictable benefits of a diversified portfolio?

ESG, Credit Risk and Ratings: A Case Study

Can ESG ratings on sovereign credit help manage long-term risks?

Give a Little Credit

Making the case for the U.S. lower middle market and addressing myths of direct lending

What are the key features of investing in alternative fixed income?

Alternative fixed income seems to mean many things to many people. Rob Evers provides an overview of characteristics for a very broad asset class......

Finding Value as the Momentum Fades

With fundamentals shifting, is 2019 seeing the return to value trades in global credit markets?

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