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Hedge Funds

PRI intends to grow private market allocations

Peter Ragnarsson head of alternative investments at the USD 3bn non-life mutual insurance company PRI Pensionsgaranti, says the intention is to increase private market investments as returns are difficult to find in traditional fixed income....

Valuation Bifurcation Persists

We sit down with Jupiter´s James Clunie to discuss value vs growth and why it´s time that the markets again will recognise fundamental value....

Alternative Risk Premia (ARP) focus: Trend Following

Trend-following, or the momentum style or factor, is one building block for many alternative risk premia strategies....

A New Regime in European Credit

As volatility rises and the beta rally draws to a close, how can investors seek to strike a balance between return maximisation and drawdown protection?

Time for contrarians to be rewarded?

The odds are massively stacked against short-sellers, from multiple angles. But irrational optimism and bubbles could meant that mid 2018 is an opportune juncture according to Jupiter´s head of alternatives...

Frontier Market Focus: Kuwait

Argentina’s departure from the MSCI Frontier index, will leave Kuwait as the largest member of that index - but maybe not for long...

Aktia’s Ville Toivakainen sees strong demand for alternative credit

Ville Toivakainen shares his views on why Aktia has had a long-term focus on emerging market debt and alternative credit, what he looks for on the alternative side and how he selects managers to Aktia’s fund-of-hedge funds portfolio.

Alternative Risk Premia Strategies

A growing number of “alternative risk premia” (ARP) “style premia” and “alternative beta” funds are being launched (at least 35 and counting). How similar or different are ARP strategies? A deeper dive under the bonnet reveals marked differences

Short Volatility is not Dead!

Long live volatility trading strategies The demise of the short volatility Exchange Traded Note (ETN) with ticker XIV, has led some media observers to suggest that the short volatility trade is dead. I would argue that many short-biased strategies continue to thrive, but trading volatility requires a more sophisticated approach than either long-only or ... Read more

The Hedge Fund Allocation Is Dead. Long Live Total Return!

Outflows from hedge funds are accelerating. Hedge funds are now finding themselves on the defensive from poor performance, high fees, unfriendly legal structures, and an onslaught of negative publicity. Investors were already becoming more conscious of fees amid low nominal returns. Now a new dynamic is setting in: fear. … Read more

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