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A Growing Investment Universe Still Demands Discerning Analysis 

Since 1988, Jupiter Ecology’s investment universe has ballooned from under 100 to over 1,200 companies. Regulation and subsidies have spawned new industries and firms, and awareness of climate change is now global.

Preparing for Higher Inflation

There are fears that inflation is picking up in developed countries, after many years of being very subdued. How might investors look to protect themselves against – and profit from – inflation? … Read more

The Hedge Fund Allocation Is Dead. Long Live Total Return!

Outflows from hedge funds are accelerating. Hedge funds are now finding themselves on the defensive from poor performance, high fees, unfriendly legal structures, and an onslaught of negative publicity. Investors were already becoming more conscious of fees amid low nominal returns. Now a new dynamic is setting in: fear. … Read more

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