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ETFs & Indicies

ETF Price War #2.0

Focus shifting to trading and transactions costs...

How minimum variance strategies have performed in US downturn

For risk averse investors, low volatility equity strategies have offered the chance for investors to moderate the volatility. But have they worked?....

Why pressure is growing on investment management costs

The growth in index investments over the last decade has been one of the biggest trends in investment management. There have been a number of factors behind this, but for many making the switch cost is the starting point.

Alternative Risk Premia (ARP) focus: Trend Following

Trend-following, or the momentum style or factor, is one building block for many alternative risk premia strategies....

Smart Beta for Bond and Credit markets

The growing menu of smart beta credit products will be useful for those who allocate externally – and indeed those who want to negotiate bespoke strategies. We touch on a handful of examples....

Single-Factor Products Gather Most Assets

“Smart beta” assets have reached $658.4 billion at the end of 2017, up 32.3% year on year, per Morningstar. Much of this resides in products that are based on only one factor concept.

Potential New Emerging Markets on the Block: Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Romania

Inclusion into the EM index is not easy to come by. A country must meet size and liquidity requirements, as well as specific conditions for market accessibility. These requirements bode well for research coverage, governance, and liquidity … Read more

Short Volatility is not Dead!

Long live volatility trading strategies The demise of the short volatility Exchange Traded Note (ETN) with ticker XIV, has led some media observers to suggest that the short volatility trade is dead. I would argue that many short-biased strategies continue to thrive, but trading volatility requires a more sophisticated approach than either long-only or ... Read more

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