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    Gaining exposure to surging military spending

    With Finland and Sweden joining Nato, continued war in the Ukraine and tensions in the middle east, weapons are in high demand. While they are a controversial topic, investors are carefully evaluating obvious ESG concerns as they consider the defence sector and how to access it.....

    Are markets too complacent on inflation?

    Markets believe central banks have solved the inflation problem without causing a recession. Not so fast! The re-emergence of inflation could again be one of the biggest risks to markets in 2024.

    Will China’s economy regain its roar in the Year of the Dragon?

    As East Asia celebrates the Lunar New Year on 10 February 2024, investors in Chinese equities will be relieved to bid farewell to the disappointing Year of the Rabbit, and may wonder whether the Year of the Dragon – traditionally considered one of the luckiest in the Chinese zodiac – will live up to its reputation......

    Additionality: the secret sauce or the snake oil of impact investing?

    Many impact investors are keen to demonstrate or be assured that the world changed as a result of an investment made. Brunno Maradei, CFA, Global Head of Responsible Investment at Aegon AM, suggests there is a need to look beyond additionality in the pursuit of authentic impact investing

    Is sustainable aviation fuel an oxymoron?

    It is critical that we reduce and decarbonise aviation as soon as possible, but this is challenging as alternative technologies are not ready today. Does Sustainable aviation fuel offer a real-world way to continue flying more sustainably?

    Private markets: three ideas for 2023

    An increasingly varied universe, private markets may offer interesting entry points for investors amid volatility in public markets and demand for capital. We highlight three areas to consider.....

    The case for a market neutral Absolute Return Government Bond fund

    The unfolding environment has never been better for an active manager in the sovereign bond space, argues Craig Inches of Royal London Asset Management. He sees several strategic and tactical opportunities persisting for several years and he outlines them here.........

    NordicInvestor roundtable – diversifying private debt portfolios

    Allocators and asset managers from Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands discussed geographic diversification, market timing and distressed opportunities, credit ratings, defaults and workouts, sizes of corporate borrowers and consumer versus corporate risk. Most allocators’ existing exposure to private debt is well below their targets and there is plenty of capital to deploy.

    Biodiversity impacts asset managers

    As you read this article, an animal or insect species, somewhere in the world, will disappear forever. Due to the impact of human activity on the natural world, in the past decades biodiversity has been declining 100 to 1,000 times faster than what would be considered natural. This development threatens not only nature, but also human survival.......