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Capitalising on the next real estate cycle

We take an in-depth look at real estate through the lens of a manager who argues that the opportunity to generate outsized returns usually come at the beginning of a cycle when trends are less evident. We talk earnings stability, inflation, alpha generation as well as how Covid-19 has set in motion new patterns in real estate usage.

The art of differentiation

Why there are still opportunities for investors in emerging market debt, despite expectations of higher defaults and lower recovery rates....

A collaborative approach to impact investing

Two impact investors discuss how a holistic approach makes it possible to source more deals and evaluate opportunities in both equities and bonds.....it takes a village to raise a child......

Will COVID-19 prove a watershed for ESG?

COVID-19 has thrown new light on the interdependencies and vulnerabilities of a closely networked world. We spoke to Aviva Investors’ responsible investment specialists to ask whether this will prove a turning point for environmental, social and governance issues

AP1´s External Partnerships and Innovation

Helene Idenstedt was recently appointed to lead AP1´s newly formed group for external partnerships and innovation. In an interview with NordicInvestor she talks about the new organisation and strategy within AP1 as well as how the events in recent months have changed the way they work with external managers......

Icelandic Pensions Diversifying Overseas and into Alternatives

Nordic Investor interviewed Snædís Ögn Flosadóttir, Managing Director of EFÍA and LSBÍ pension funds and the operations manager of Lífeyrisauki supplementary pension fund, to find out how these Icelandic pension funds are broadening their horizons....

Danske Bank’s ESG Policies and Data Analytics

We interviewed Danske Bank’s Global Head of Sustainability and Impact Investing, Ulrika Hasselgren, to find out about the firm’s growing suite of internal and external ESG analytics.

PRI intends to grow private market allocations

Peter Ragnarsson head of alternative investments at the USD 3bn non-life mutual insurance company PRI Pensionsgaranti, says the intention is to increase private market investments as returns are difficult to find in traditional fixed income....

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