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Capitalising on the next real estate cycle

We take an in-depth look at real estate through the lens of a manager who argues that the opportunity to generate outsized returns usually come at the beginning of a cycle when trends are less evident. We talk earnings stability, inflation, alpha generation as well as how Covid-19 has set in motion new patterns in real estate usage.

Emerging market debt: An ‘all-season’ asset class

Alejandro Arevalo, Fund Manager of Jupiter’s Emerging Market Debt strategy, explains why he believes emerging market debt should be viewed as an ‘all-season’ asset class, not just for when the global economic environment is strong...

Using AI to Pick AI Stocks

Using semantic & sentiment analysis on unstructured data, a multi factor quantitative model and the human review to identify companies positively exposed to the AI thematic....

Are We at Peak Cycle for Equities

US equities keep on making new highs, but Norges Bank is increasing its allocation. Whether equities appear expensive or cheap depends on the definition, and varies greatly by regions, factors and sectors....

Asian Real Estate: Yield Pickup and Diversification

Investors could not only get some yield pickup but could also obtain a significant diversification benefit by adding Asian property to their portfolios - some Dutch pension funds have been investing in the asset class for over 20 years...

ESG & Impact Investing focus: Microfinance

SEB´s Portfolio Manager of MicroFinance, Hetal Damani, on what differentiates their microfinance strategy – both from an investment perspective and in terms of ESG.

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