By Jonas Wäingelin, NordicInvestor

In the latest episode of our webcast series we discussed European small-caps and wether it´s spring time and green shoots for the asset class.

The discussion was moderated by our contributing editor, Hamlin Lovell, and he was joined by three portfolio managers, from across Europe, with very different investment styles.

From London we were joined by Wellington Managements´s equity portfolio manager Anna Lundén, Oddo BHF´s Armel Coville dialed in from Paris and Carl Armfeldt of TIN fonder gave us a Nordic perspective from Stockholm.

Many topics were covered such as the make up of the European small caps universe, why the small caps have outperformed large caps in Europe, how M&A activity and IPOs can drive performance, which country and sector overweights are currently held and the importance of investors to take a multi-year approach.

The importance of ESG, not least with regards to engagement, was discussed as well as the inevitable question of value vs. growth.

Top find out more about the speakers and their respective strategies please follow links below.

Armel Coville, Oddo BHF, Co-head of the micro and small caps team – learn more about the strategy

Anna Lundén, Wellington Management, Lead Portfolio Manager for the Pan European Small Cap Equity strategy- learn more about the strategy

Carl Armfeldt, TIN Fonder, Co-Founder and Portfolio Manager for the New Technology Fund – learn more about the strategy